Whats your arm slot?

if not on list then write in

I’m not sure you can have an arm angle that’s not on that list.

3/4 here.

well I think theres a 3/4 sidearm but it said"YOU HAVE TOO MANY OPTIONS FOR THIS POLL". I don’t think thats a good thing

You’re a ‘High Sub’ slot? I really want to see this video…

No, now he is going back to normal throwing

WOW Surprise, surprise… only 3 days at being a submariner! Guess I lost that bet.

Ive decided to bcome a sidearmer, because one time at practice I threw a guy out from third when I threw it sidearm…

For now, I’m a low 3/4 because my slider gets slightly more than a foot of break in that slot and it’s just a ton more comfortable and repeatable for me.