Whats up with me?

Ok, I normally hit right-handed. So today I go to the batting cages to hit. I set the machine to 65 mph I miss all 20 pitches,so I was pissed so then the next 120 I switched to lefty and I was hitting 85% of them. Why all of a sudden I can’t hit righty but I can hit lefty? Its really weird. And i case your wondering I did make sure I was on the right side of the plate.

well at the end of last season i experimented with lefty hitting and i was hitting line drives everywhere, but now i cant hit a thing lefty so im staying right handed, you should continue to try hitting lefty and see how it develops

I would keep experimenting and see how it turns out. If you feel more comfortable lefthanded and have better mechanics on the left side, go ahead and give it a try.

i feel a little more awkward on the left side but I generate more bat speed and I have better hand -eye cordination

imagine what your coach will think when you come back a lefty

you guys crack me up

[quote=“LankyLefty”]you guys crack me up[/quote] :applause: