Whats up, guys

Hi i’m a junior at jefferson high school in el paso, texas on the Junior Varsity. This my first year ever playing baseball and i’m a relieving pitcher. i am 6’5" and 260 lbs. My fastball is in the high 70s and mid 80s, but i need to improve my control. in the last 3 games i’ve walked 7 batters and hit 7 batters with 6 strikeouts but because of my poor control only pitched 1 inning in each game. i hope you guys can help me out. i’m getting help from the varsity pitching coach but he can only coach me once a weak. thanks in advance for any help.

Age: 17

  1. 4-seam fastball
  2. 2 different 2-seam fastballs
  3. 1-7 curve and 12-6 curve
  4. slider
  5. Forkball
  6. Screwball


Welcome. Post some video in the mechanics forum and we should be able to offer some help.