Whats up from Phoenix

Hey I recently ran across your tryout website n wanted to get some feedback. I’ve seen some lincecum clips after I faced him in college and experimented with a similar delivery with the long powerfull stride and came up with more velo and less soreness in the arm n back.Im 5-11 170.My arm slot has picked up too. I’m throwing harder now these last few months than when i did in college(88-92/3). I didn’t get drafted I played 2 years indy but I want to play organized. I dont have an agent & I turn 25 on feb 14th. Ive called organizations sent letters but nothing has turned up. I think I’ll be heading to Florida for some open tryouts soon. I’ve saved some numbers from the past games I’ve pitched in and I dont know how hard im throwing all I know is that all my stuff and controll has enhanced and I dont have the degree of soreness after pitching, even after 9 innings it feels good to long toss the day after. In your opinion what can I do to reestablish myself on the radar?

This is a great website