whats this?

take a baseball and hold it infront of u so u see the seams u would put ur fingers on for a 4seam FB

then turn it 90 degrees right

it spins like a sideways 4 SFB

and cuts left a few inches

its a cutter right?

someone was saying this is a slider

I still can’t figure out what your trying to say.

Correct me if I’m wrong, if you were to get the ball in a cutter grip and throw it like a fastball it would be a cutter, but if you turn your wrist and supinate the pitch then it would be a slider correct?

With a slider it’s more of how you throw it than how you hold it correct?

You could be holding it like a cutter and throwing a slider correct?

i hold it like a cutter and dont supinate or really do anything with my hand… just make sure it comes off the height difference between my middle and index finger