Whats the knuckle curve grip?

heres what i throw: i take my two main fingers on the horshoe seam like a slider but not off center. i take my index and curl it up beside it. then i snap my ball down with my middle finger and for a better break i flick my index forawrd. but i recently saw a website and it showed the index curled up and the nail dug in. like you would with a knuckle. is that how its thrown by most?

Well I have heard the term used in different ways, I throw it by knuckling up my index and middle fingers. My arm slot is just like my fastball and I make sure my thumb is down when I finish. I hold it back in my hand and on release I push my fingers out giving the ball a forward spin, I can get both 11-7 and 12-6 movement on it. I throw it kind of soft for a curveball and really hard for a knuckle splitter. I don’t turn it over at all so it never stresses my elbow.

I have always called what the video shows a beginners curve or a spike curve ball.

I used to throw mine in the most basic fashion—I would just use a knuckleball grip, either two fingers or three, and throw the curve ball. Because I threw my curve with a sharp karate-chop wrist snap, the ball would come in there looking for all the world like a fast ball until it got to the plate and then suddenly drop like a glass hitting the floor. This became my second-best pitch. :slight_smile: 8)

thx guys but i already got my grip down now. i take my curveball grip. bend back my index finger. and dont do anything with my index after. i throw like a fastball but dont snap my wrist. snap the ball down with my middle finger