Whats the easiest pitch to learn?

I want to add a new pitch. I learned to control my 4 seam fastball, which pitch should be my second pitch?

I tried curvball, which does curv, but I have hard time controling it.

My fastball is somwhere in high 60s (since its such low velocity, changup wouldnt be such a good idea?). Maybe I shouldn’t try to throw curveball because I have short fingers?

Anyways, I think I dont need more then 2 good pitches because players around here play at level similar to level of USA high school players (bad ones).

A circle change would be a good pitch to learn.

It doesn’t matter that your fastball is slow. Just throw your change-up 10% slower than your FB and it will work.

Jamie Moyer’s FB only comes in at 79 MPH, but it works because hitters can’t tell it apart from his change-up.

A changeup can be a very good pitch almost regardless of your fastball speed. The one thing you have to watch out for is throwing it to hitters who are having trouble catching up with your fastball. For example right handed hitters who are fouling the ball off toward the 1st base side. Sometimes throwing that type of hitter a changeup will “speed up” their bat allowing them to hit it in fair territory. Sometimes it will work best on that type of hitter because they are trying hard to swing early. It is something you’ll learn as you gain more experience, but the only way you’ll learn is by throwing it.

If your hand is big enough a splitter is a really easy pitch to learn

2 Seam fastball-no pitcher is complete without both, Ian.

I just cant make my 2 seam fastball to have movement…

If your two seam doesn’t move much you can try two things. First move your finger to different spots on the seam sometimes that helps or you can put different types of pressure on the ball. For example to help make my two-seam move I put pressure on my index finger so when I release the ball it will have the spin to make it sink and tail a little bit. Start with that.