What's the best way to help my accuracy pitching?

I’m not in a league right now but I’m thinking of joining one as a pitcher, just one problem…

My aim is waay off. I mean, not even close to the strikezone.

What’s the best way to help my accuracy?

Good mechanics. Good timing. Repeatable delivery.

Practice, practice, practice.

Listen to Roger. He da man!!

Let me add, though, that you need to have plenty of “specific” practice of those repeatable mechanics. Get on a mound, at the proper distance and pitch to targets at game intensity. Practicing all day on hitting small targets while on flat ground, half the distance and at 75% intensity won’t transfer to pitching in the game situation, which may be very different.

mechs and practice

I mentioned this once or twice before, in other posts, but it bears repeating. When I was a little snip—twelve, thirteen years old—I would get hold of a good catcher, and we would play this little game we called “ball and strike”. This was something more than a drill. The catcher would position his glove in various spots, high, low, inside, outside, and I would throw to those spots, aiming to hit the pocket of the glove. Believe me, this is one excellent way to sharpen up one’s control, and even after I got into playing I would grab a catcher for an hour or so and we would work on doing this with so-called “difficult” pitches like the knuckle-curve. :slight_smile: :wink:

practice practice practice

Heh, I have a pitching net that has a target on it. I can’t hit that target for the life of me. I’ve recently began to place my bucket that holds about 60 balls right over the spot where home plate is suppose to be. I first try throwing right over the bucket. After getting comfortable I throw at the corners. I haven’t graduated to throwing high and low strikes (most of them are low anyways), but I hope to sometime around August. Try that. Start off at low intensity until you get a groove, then move on up. After a while your low intensity pitches will be your warmup pitches.