Whats the best "kick" angle for pitching

If you aren’t aware of what im talking about, i’m talking about the start of your windup, where you raise your knee. Am i supposed to aim for 90 degrees, as high as i can go, or somewhere in between?

I’m a 5’3 102.5 lbs pitcher if that matters lol

60 to 80% of your height

Close to 90 degrees is fine a little higher if you are from the wind-up and you need some extra mustard on the fastball.


90° and slowly raise your leg until it reaches belt height, ankle directly under know. That’s the balance position. Practice in front of a mirror, holding that position
5-10 seconds than repeat. You MUST be in balance before going to the dish

Should say:
Ankle directly under knee


“What is the kick angle for pitching”

Basically what ever you want it to be because it virtually does nothing but put you thru having to recover from it! The more radicalized the more recovery effort. There are 2 kinetic chains, one lengthens you the other shortens you. No velocity is created or stored in the lengthening kinetic chain, only lengthening of the muscles that later contract to cause velo or power… Why not just power walk (Crow step) forwards other than the coach or established belief not letting you?

“ Am i supposed to aim for 90 degrees, as high as i can go, or somewhere in between?”

Only if you follow what others dictate to you, there is no advantage either way you go from radically high to none at all.

“I’m a 5’3 102.5 lbs pitcher if that matters lol”

Pretty funny in that it matters not.

I wish you could learn how to spell. With all your “good” advice you set a bad example with your constant misspellings. C’mon man get with it.

Some people really don’t know what matters they just drone on with pitching dogma versus sound advice based on physics and biomechanics.

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isn’t the “balance position” a myth?

Not a myth. You must be in balance, over the rubber, before moving to the plate. For several reasons.
Have you watched nearly every MLB
pitcher from Japan, basically, slow down to be sure they briefly hold the balance position? It’s important.

Almost every pitcher slows down, but doesn’t stop. They get in leglift, build up power and their drive leg, push with their hips and drive off the mound. A balance position by its nature is very unathletic

Having good balance is good, but you shouldn’t hold a balance position

The holding it is a practice drill, to get the pitcher to understand that you don’t go to the plate until you are balanced over the rubber. It’s pretty essential.

Ahh i see what you are saying.