What's the best book on the mental side of pitching?

What’s the best book on the mental side of pitching. Sequences, preparation, dealing with adversity, stuff like that.

It’s okay if the book also contains conditioning, mechanics, etc. but if so, point me to the right chapters.


Look on the very top of this page and you’ll see an orange information bar. You’ll see topics that start with:
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“click” on ORDER, and you’ll find a list of publications that’ll start you not only on the right path to perfecting your skill level, but professional advice and guidence on how to manage yourself to better health and a ton of other stuff.

I’m not a promoter, nor do I have a connection to these publications. But I can tell you this, I’ve spend years collecting stuff like this in stacks of notebooks and bits and peices of scratch pads, 16mm film and whatnot. Heck, I’ve even been to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Library and spent hours doing research - BUT, Here, in one collection, it’s all there for you to learn.

If you’re really serious about this sport, here’s a map that’s all set for you. If it were any easier - I would have thought of it years ago. ( 32 years ago to be exact)

Coach B.

Roy Halladay used the Mental ABCs of Pitching when he was doing poorly in the blue jays system

There are loads of books on the mental and psychological aspects of pitching, “The Mental ABCs” being just one of them, and each one has something to offer people who are interested. I got into this via a different route—my pitching coach of long ago.
Ed Lopat was a key member of the Yankees’ Big Three rotation from 1948 to the middle of 1955, not to mention the four years he had spent with the White Sox before that, and he doubled as an extra pitching coach for the Yanks. He was as much a psychologist as he was a pitcher who specialized in beating the Cleveland Indians to a pulp, and I met him for the first time in September 1951. I had a question about the slider, and his response was to take me aside and show me how to throw a good one, and that started a wonderful pitching relationship that lasted almost four years. His specialty was strategic pitching, and the mental and psychological aspects figured heavily in it. We talked a lot about that—about getting inside the batter’s head, the better to confuse and discombooberate said batter and mess up his timing and his thinking; from time to time he would get inside my head, I have no idea just how he did this, and we would explore my thought processes on the mound. I will never forget how he made me feel comfortable and kept me relaxed and receptive to the information, advice and instruction I got from him, the way he gave me more support, reinforcement and reassurance than I had ever thought possible. There is much more to being a pitching coach than just teaching someone how to throw a good changeup, and what I learned from Steady Eddie was nothing short of priceless.
One day I asked him about his approach to pitching, and I said “It’s kind of like judo, isn’t it?” His reply will always stick with me. He said, “You could say that. The principle is the same. You take a batter’s power and use it against him.” He elaborated on this a bit, and thus he let me in on a secret that served me very well for two decades. You know, you can read all about this sort of thing, but hearing it first-hand from a major-league pitcher who did it—you can’t beat that. :slight_smile: 8)

Heads up Baseball by Ken Revizza
Hands down the greatest mental baseball book out there. Period.

Mental ABCs of pitching

I still haven’t read Heads Up … but Mental ABC’s and Mental Game of Baseball are excellent choices.

I love the book “Mind Gym”, awesome read.