Whats the average speed for a 14 year old?

When i was 11 i could throw 40 mph? i throw faster but i want to know wats the average speed :?:

Well if you are 14, that means you are most likely in high school. I would say most high school freshman pitchers throw at least 70 mph, if not faster. I was 73-74 frosh year and I was considered average on my team.

Do you guys think that pitching at a young age matters ALOT? To get used to such a stressful position at a young age? I was talknig to my community college pitchers and they all pitched their enitre life to get their high 80’s- 90’s.

I have a fully mature, though not athletic, build and yet my max seems to be around 70 haha. I know if i get the correct mechanics down i can probably hit high 70’s LoL.

Can guy with 2 months or less experience break the 80 barrier faster than a 15 year old whose been pitching since say 8-10?

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I believe from what i’ve seen 60 to high 70’s seem to be the average.

If you think you pitch below average than train control. Good placement and a smart spongey thing in your head will get you past more batters than velocity.

Tiki I think that it varies. I know in my situation, I have worked very hard since the age of 8 to achieve my 85 mph max velocity. I have thrown thousands of pitches with my body in perfect unison. I know for a fact that when I first started pitching, I was not using my body to its full potential…it is something that takes time and a lot of practice.

On the other hand, Kerry Wood didn’t start pitching until his Junior season of high school…

My 14 year old son is in 8th grade, 6’2 148

Fast ball is 78-79

Curve 68-70

Knuckle slow

Change up 70-71

Im 14 5’5’’ 120lbs and my top speed is about 71mph. But i average around 66-71.

Is your son in the majors yet? It’s been 10 years - if he was really throwing 80 mph in 8th grade, he should be in the majors by now.

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That’s not really how it works

I throw about 75 I’m 5”9 and 118 pounds pretty skinny. I often suprise people because I throw hard and I’m small. I still got a lot of growing left. As a young 14 year old most kids I gave throw anywhere from 60-80 usually you expect 65-70

JohnFran, what age and grade are you? Thanks

When I was 14, I went from 67 to 77 over the year (but really I was sitting 74-75 and 77 was my max). I also grew like 8 inches.