Whats Next? General Electric's Statue of Liberty?

I lifted this off of AOL. We went through this in Jacksonville with what was then called The Gator Bowl…but WRIGLEY? OMG…even Busch Stadium, stayed Busch Stadium. I have this vision "Victorias Secret Field…or Fat Boys Ribs Field…ohhh the humanity :bluefrown: :faint: :pullinghair: :puking:

Real estate tycoon Sam Zell finalized his purchase of the Tribune Company today, and he’s wasted no time in making waves throughout the company’s various properties. First, he stomped through the Chicago Tribune to energize the newspaper’s troops against the rising tide of financial failure. Now, he’s dropping knowledge on his plans for the sale of the Cubs, including one interesting caveat: Wrigley Field’s naming rights will be up for grabs:
Tribune Co.'s new CEO Sam Zell said the Cubs will be sold by Opening Day, and that he may sell naming rights to Wrigley Field because such rights could be “extraordinarily valuable.”

“Up until now, we’ve delayed – although they’re ready – sending out the books on the Cubs until we had a better understanding of where this stands,” Zell said. "I think the goal would be to complete the transaction before the beginning of the baseball season."
There are plenty of interested buyers, Zell said.

That’s not all Zell announced. He confirmed that the State of Illinois and the Tribune Company have discussed a state purchase of Wrigley Field, discussions which are apparently ongoing. But the naming rights issue – that’s the real news here. Good luck selling this to Cubs fans. The bleacher bums embrace the history of Wrigley even as the stadium crumbles down around them; even minor fixes, like the addition of advertisements aimed to help the team financially, are balked at. So think of the backlash when a local restaurant like Portillo’s (mmm, Portillo’s) – or worse, some national company – swoops in and scoops those naming rights. New ownership better invest that money in riot gear.

They’re getting rid of Yankee Stadium. Not that I like the Yankees, but its kind of a part of baseball.

But it’ll (I’ve heard) still be Yankees Stadium…How bout “Whatta Burger Park”, “Kotex Stadium”…I’m gonna go cry now.


:frowning: … Wrigley field… hmm… the cubs have to pay for fukudome, lilly, zambrano,lee and soriano somehow… how about victoria’s secret field… i like the ring of that.

With a well established name like Wrigley Field, I seriously doubt that anyone would use the new name. They did the same thing with naming rights for Angel Stadium 10 or so years ago. It became Edison Field, but I dont know anyone that called it that. It was still Angel Stadium or the Big A.

I thank you for your comforting words there Kc :drunkard:
I had visions of Tidy-Bowl or Sani-flush buying them up. Or on the Kotex front…would it be like Jacobs Field (Called “The Jake”) and called “The Tampon”…or knowing Chicagoans…“The Rag”?
To Slurves point…see Zell doesn’t have to worry about paying for talent…he’s selling the club, so the Corp. that buys the naming rights isn’t going to be the same as who buys the team necessarily, it’s going to be, he who shows up with the biggest check…and so can be Playtex or really anyone who wants name recognition of the highest order. I just hope somehow it hits the National Registry of Historical Places and has some protection before “Fred’s Fish” decides to drop the big wad.

Doublemint Stadium?

what about JVC Stadium? :smiley: Maybe Sony Park in Japan :smiley:

I just wanted to take this moment to say Greg Maddux to DM, Roger and Steven.