Whats it like?

whats it like being part of a high leveled club? like, major league, AAA etc

professional clubs

whats the timetable during a game day? whats it like to travel? Whats it like on the road?

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Here’s the deal…

Usually guys get to the ballpark around 1 pm, for a 7 pm game. The pitchers are usually out on the field first getting in their throwing program and their moundwork. The conditioning is broken down individually, whether your a starter or a reliever, and it is done on a daily basis. Once that work gets done, sometimes there will be a pfp session, or a bunt coverage session, something involving team defensive work. Then ofcourse the hitters will stretch and take their bp, while the pitchers sweat it out in the heat shagging for around 50-60 minutes. When bp gets done, depending on if your home or away, usually around 5:15-5:45 range, the players go relax, play cards, grab some spread (food) , and then get their jerseys on and lace it up. What I failed to mention is that there is on the road a gym bus every morning at 10 am. The organization I was with required each player to make 2 out of 4 gym buses (four game roadtrip) or two of three, depending on the size of the trip. At home there is a local gym players are required to attend and are checked off for attendance.

Without question one of the worst things about professional baseball is the traveling situation. Bus rides range from usually 2 hours (very rare) to around 13 or 14 hours. Nothing like trying to get some sleep on a long bus ride with a bunch of other players, and then trying to lace em’ up and play the next night! Time is killed with moves, and poker or pluck card games.

The thing to undrstand about pro ball is that baseball has become a job, a real career. It’s up to nobody but the player to pave his own way and get to the next level. Certainly this will take some of the “team play” out of the game, seeing that each individual is trying to be better than the next guy and earn their callup. The development of the player becomes extremely important, especially when there is money invested in an athlete. Are promotions always fair? No sir, not all the time. Is there heavy competition between teammates? You better believe it. Is it the best time of your life? Without question.