Whats it like being a college baseball player at a power 5 conference school?


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Bet you could find an answer with a quick Google search.


So, here is the thing…
I get the questions, sort of. Asking about the dream scenario…dream school…draft, money, parties and all the fun stuff…fun to think about that stuff, but, it wildly misses the point of what sports are about.
The vast, vast, vast majority of kids don’t play any level of college ball, let alone at a powerhouse school in a powerhouse conference. So, for almost everyone the journey should be about more substantial things than what school offers the best party situation…the question regarding cleat chasers is the perfect example…
If you want to maximize your experience, growth and enjoyment of baseball specifically and life in general…It is not about who or what is chasing you, IT IS ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE CHASING…
Love the game for the joy of the game and being on a team, work hard for yourself, if you are lucky, regardless of the end result or where you end up, you will develop a great work ethic, great friendships and the ability to overcome adversity. Be humble. Get your head straight.