Whats in your bag/locker

Put what you have in your bag or locker.
Right now its not the season so I dont have a locker, so in my bag in the morning before weightlifting I have my school clothes, my baseball pants, baseball socks, glove, cleats, hat, folder, batting gloves, cologne, deoderant, and a random magazine.

School stuff,catchers mitt,fielders glove,1B mitt,ball,team hat

Glove, towel, softball, radar gun, light jacket,

Softball… for the splitty?



Radar Gun, don’t hear of too many guys carrying that

[quote=“Wales Diesel”]Nice!

Radar Gun, don’t hear of too many guys carrying that[/quote]

I have it, mise well keep it with me.

True, I would of thought that you’d keep something like that in a case not a bag though

Meh, I don’t use lockers for anything really.
My bat bag out in the garage has my bat, batting gloves and my helmet.
I keep my mitt and my cleats in the house.

my locker has so much cr@p in it that i cant even see the bottom or sides of it anymore, just clothes gloves kicks bats that arent even mine all kinds of stupid wastefull things

Well my locker at school doesn’t have really anything in it. Just a case of granola bars as I eat one between about every class. But not after anatomy dissections, no appetite after that one. :?

My Bag: Bat, Cleats, helmet, gloves (12" and 11.5"), batting gloves, lots of tape, and I’m sure you can find some lollies in there (pure dextrose makes for a good energy boost haha).

And for in school lifting I have a bottle of liquid chalk, absolutely essential. The AD would flip one if I brought in regular chalk, even though i think the equipment would look better in white than rust lol.

Our lockerroom here is shared so it’s not used much, my previous school had a baseball only room so I would lock away cases of gatorade and usually some poptarts (good for early saturday practices or post-school/pre-baseball pickup.) Couldn’t leave stuff in the unlocked portion of my locker as well, teammates become thieves when food is avaliable haha.

I think footballs clearing out this week so we get lockers !!!
Its sad how last year freshman baseball used varsity football lockers.

gloves (12.75 for outfield, 12 for pitching and light infield), batting gloves, some type of drink, powerbars, shorts, team hat, shirt, spikes, softball, and a regular ball