What's His Name!

A player on our club had a corvette convertible and he had a propensity for speed. No one on the club wanted to ride with the man do to his lead foot, not to mention sitting a few inches off the pavement while going mach 3.

Our club was using a field not far from my home at the time, and this player lived only a few blocks from me. I had to bum a ride from the man because of car trouble , so I strapped myself in, placed my try table in the upright position and braced for takeoff.

I wasn’t disappointed.

After getting on the highway, doesn’t he get a local cruiser on his six. We pull over, and the officer starts to reach for his pen to write the man a ticket when he pauses, looks a little closer at him, then says … “ aren’t you what’s-his-name?” We were both in our uniforms because the locker rooms hadn’t been authorized for our use at that time.

If Oscars were being given out for best actor - this work of art would’ve won. He gave just enough of an impression, with looks and body language that confirmed whatever it was this officer was thinking. And it kind of surprised me. This guy was a joker … in fact he excelled at it.

The officer got a piece of paper from his pocket and asked him to autograph it … along with advice of “hold down the speed, I’m just giving you a verbal warning this time.”

As the officer took the autograph and put it into his shirt pocket, he remarked once more time…
“hold down the speed.”

We left the spot, got about a quarter of a mile … then the lights came on again and over to the curb we went.

The officer was not amused at our guys antics. He flipped the autographed back into our car then issued our man a speeding ticket.

I picked up the autographed paper from the floor, and our joker just had to play games with this officer. Since the officer remarked that he looked like …just what’s-his-name… that’s how he
autographed it… “ WHAT-S-HIS-NAME.”

Coach B.


We had someone not too long ago I don’t think he was on our team but he got a ticket for going 90 mph in the school parking lot. lol