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i havnt posted on here in a really long time, but ive reas other posts. i havnt played ball since like little league. i messed up and regret it. i want to get back into playing ball, but dunno how. you guys think that a CC pitching coach or someone like that would be willing to help me get back into it, or at least see if i have any potential and he can “mold” me into a good pitcher, i know that lefties are extremely valuable to a team, so thats why i was hoping that someone would be willing to help me if they thought i could play. should i try to contact a coach somewhere? any advice would be appreciated

It’s worth a shot.

You ought to take a few lessons first and get some basic mechanics down.

You may want to start by playing on a semipro / amateur team, such as one affiliated with the NABL … see

It’s a poorly designed, clunky site but if you click on the “Find a League” link it should help you get started in finding a team in your area.

look at www.msblnational.com as well. They are the largest 18 an over baseball league in the nation and have leagues in every state. I play in WI.

You did lose some valuable time but if its something you really want to do and your willing to dedicate yourself than absolutely its worth a shot.