What would you do - travel team

Well for the last three or four years I have always played on my school’s summer team (middle and high school). This year we won’t have a summer team associated with the school. I have played with my graduating year’s players (2011) which would make me a 17U this year.

I could play 16U and right now have an offer to play on a very elite 16U team that travels all over the southeast and is very competitive in all the tournaments they play in. They do play up as 17U sometimes and do pretty well against this competition, but they don’t play up often. This team is composed of guys graduating 2011 and 2012. If I did ok I could probably play with this team after my senior year (summer 2011) and get some exposure on a combined 17U and 18U team.

My choices for 17U are with teams that play locally and across the state but regional exposure would be limited and in all likelihood we wouldn’t be competitive in those regional tournaments. Of course this could change after my High school season - if I pitched good I would have more offers from good travel programs - but the depth chart is pretty deep on the HS team (class 2011) with a whole bunch of pitchers - throwing the same velocity and pitches - so I wouldn’t expect anyone pitcher to be considered the “stud” of the 2011 class.

Any advice - which should I play 16U or 17U. My goal is to get exposure to help me get recruited by a quality D1 or Junior College program.


Does the very elite 16U team have any “super studs” who are being heavily recruited? If there are kids on that team who will attract coaches to come see them play, that would be a good exposure opportunity for you…

My boy (2011) recently tried out for several travel teams and decided on a very good 18U team. He compared the teams based on several criteria:

  1. Development
  2. Exposure
  3. Cost
  4. Fun

I think showcases are a good way to get exposure as a pitcher. Andy had one good showing at a small showcase that generated several leads.