What would you do if you saw

Mariano throw a 3-2 curveball lol!!!

I just saw Livan Hernandez throw a 3-2 breaking ball to Barry Bonds. Bonds was able to adjust to the pitch despite probably expecting a fastball. Bonds hit it out of the park.

Wait Bonds hit a homer?? When was this? I haven’t been watching much sports center. Did Mariano throw a curveball last night because i watched like every one of his pitches lol. He struck out the last guy in the 8th inning.


Batters have tried making adjustments against the cutter, shifting their placement in the box, and in recent years, Rivera has made his own adjustment. He has implemented a two-seam fastball—a sinker—that dives down and in to right-handed batters, away from left-handed batters. Now Rivera is armed with pitches that move in radically opposite directions. Earlier this season, Boston center fielder Johnny Damon, a left-handed batter, prepared to swing against Rivera, edging away from the plate in anticipation of the cutter’s darting inside. Rivera fired his two-seamer over the outside corner, and Damon’s helpless expression was unmistakable: You must be joking.[/quote]

That was a while ago though back when Damon was with Boston

Rivera is pretty darn dirty

Ive heard that Mariano is starting to throw a changeup

He’s been saying that to scare people and get hitters looking for it, he hasn’t thrown any in the games I’ve watched (which is all of them with MLB EI and YES network).