What Would You Call Them?

Suppose you owned a baseball team. and suppose some one had to come up with a name for this team.

What would you call it?

Aaahhhh go ahead, give it a shot…

Coach B.

The Green Cove Roadsters 8)

kinda sings don’t it… :smiley:

Washington Widowmakers

We just had two new sports franchises move into the city one for Basketball and one for the Frontier League.

The Basketball team name I think would be a great name for the ball team they are called the London Lightning.

The Frontier team created quite an uproar when it unveiled its name and logo and got some world wide press because of it and the stance that ownership took on the name and logo and the timing of when it was released.

They are called the London Rippers with a mascot called “Diamond Jack” who looks like the stereotypical Jack the Ripper figure everyone knows.

Can’t wait to see what they are going to be handing out as promo items…