What workouts should I be doing in season?

Hey guys. I just completed an offseason workout program to build velocity and now the season is about to start. I gained 4 mph in a very short time span and I do not want to lose these gains. What should I be doing during the season to make sure my velo stays the same/improves? Thank you for the help.

Hey Kev,

What I have players do is a 8 week pre-season workout prior to the in-season workout which starts the first day of team practice (Spring training). I break it down like this, Off-season workout starts the first day after your season ends. Pre-season workout is performed 8 weeks prior to Spring Training. In-season workout runs from the first day of Spring training to the last game of your season. Again, this all depends on when your team starts team practices. So if a team didn’t start team practices yet, I always suggest doing the pre-season workout.

Pre-season workouts consist of reverse lunges, plyo push ups, incline bench dumbbell rows, sprints, sled, chin ups, push ups, inverted rows, lateral squats, broad jump, just to name a few. For those who are not lifting weights yet, I suggest a bodyweight program.