What weight should I shoot for

I am 24 and 6’2 low three quarter lefty currently 190 but I am a bit top heavy. I had a knee injury last season that im coming off so I’m just getting back into lifting legs. I have a lanky build so I guess my question is now that I am back to lifting legs should I try to go up to around 210 while keeping my upper body bulk and lifting legs or mostly just focus legs/cardio and light upper body and try to stay at a lean 190-195 while exchanging some of my upper body mass for legs.

As much as possible while still keeping your BF% around 12% or less, but not less than 10%.

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Unless you are C.C. Sabathia

True, true. But his BF% is probably closer to 20-25%. That’s the problem more than the actual weight.

I’d say train for strength - not size.

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