What we can learn from fernando rodney - check this out!



Interesting article Lanky.

I posted these on your log remember?

The man is a solid steel spring coil.

My curiosity will be longevity but the fact that he is a one inning pitcher could have him doing it for many years. I wonder what his 6th or 7th inning would look like if he was a starter.

Rodney appears to counter back with his shoulders as he goes forward developing some extra stretch and then of course rotates like hell.


Degree of difficulty is high, but as noted his smaller size and coordination enable him to maintain control, barely. He is a “wild in zone” pitcher who manages to throw enough strikes at high velocities to get it done. Extreme range of motion and intent sets up a very good change-up.

A great example of rotational violence! :twisted: :twisted:


His body type reminds me of another short pitcher who had a powerfully built lower half by the name of Tom Gordon, 5’-9, 160+. Wow, 21 years in the bigs….

For those that are interested, a seasonal report on a pitchers velocity, pitch type etc.is available over at “Fan Graphs”.


If you want a daily update you can go to: BrooksBaseball.net PITCHf/x:


Sometimes Fan Graphs doesn’t get the pitch type correct, but for the most part it’s fairly accurate.

Among relievers Rodney ranks 6th in average velocity at 96.3 mph. Interestingly, Rodney only throws his fastball 61.9 % of the time while throwing his change up 38.1%. No other pitch type is listed. If that is accurate it’s pretty amazing. Yes he is a relief pitcher, nonetheless getting MLB hitters out with just a fastball and change-up is impressive. A slider shows up in previous years but is only thrown 2.1% of the time for his career.

His delivery is so violent that when he throws a change-up hitters can’t make the adjustment to off speed. Everything he does signals gas and then here comes that “bugs bunny” change. Impossible!!! :haha: :haha:

After a remarkable 2012, 48 saves and a .60 ERA,(that’s correct!) his walks are way up this year…30 in 48 innings. For his career, he has 278 BB in 553 IP for a 4.5 bb/9. His K’s per 9 inn is 8.7. Thus he might be described as “effectively wild”.

Here’s a guy who started and used just the gas and the change;

He was effective but was a small guy and did get injured.

I could be wrong JD but I thought Harden also had a splitty and a pretty nasty slide piece

Maybe Wales, I only really watched as a Cub and in the uniform of sorrow and loss he only threw a 4 seamer and wiped em out on that sick change. With the A’s before then ( and shoulder surgery) he could have,

I always liked watching him throw when he was with the A’s and Cubs and Rangers, too bad he broke down.

I don’t feel bad for him, he had his run, he paid his price…made the donuts and now is likely teaching the art to someone…life could be worse :wink:

Or to quote Disney…“Oh don’t throw me into that briar patch ol Brer Bear” :lol:

True enough!