What type of schedule to train 11 year old pitcher

my son throws and throws and throws.he throws footballs at trees,cats,me,etc.He is a pitcher for a couple teams and has done so well that i just dont want to see him hurt himself.He throws around 60 right now.Everyone is amazed as he is generally thin.I just want an off-season schedule # of pitches,etc.,days off and such to help him out.thanx.

well for starters i would reconmend him not to throw or try to throw the curve until he is alittle older so his arm is properly developed

Well dad, let him throw…Just let it remain fun. He’s in the view of some (Myself one of them) more than likely throwing plenty, I’d strickly watch the pitch counts and rest between outings, but let him keep winging at what ever else. Conditioning wise for a kid in a pre-puberty stage, I’d just let him have an active life, a good diet and other interests. Once he hits puberty look into a program of conditioning (Steven offers one that is very comprhensive). You will have kept his body as fresh and strong as a little boy needs and his internal mechanisms will have matured without undue stress being placed upon them. I wouldn’t add much else except perhaps (After having them checked out for quality) a few camps at local colleges.
This is a magic time to watch a kid with talent, let it grow naturally and keep fun in the fore-front and you’ll have a healthy, happy ball player many years in the future.
Good Luck! to the both of you.

I intentionally limited my son’s innings at 11yo figuring he’d throw a relatively large number of innings as a 12yo. That seemed to work fairly well for him. He was still doing a lot of throwing, just not pitching that much.

thanks–you all have good points—but for example–he wants me to catch him every day.what I need is M Tu W Th F Sa Su—50 hard Monday—day off-mechanics no ball Tuesday—etc…This area is full of opinions.Some say they have a “rubber” arm at this age.Some say 10 pitches per year of age.I have heard it all.The rules take care of it in games with pitch count and inning rules.I need to find a good balance between adequate practice for him to compete at a high level,and not so much to be bad for him.


Go check out www.ASMI.org. They have good guidelines for youth pitchers concerning pitch counts and rest and recovery times.

Don’t let your son pitch for more than one team. You are asking for trouble. He is only eleven and the growth plates in his immature arm are wide open and will be for several years to come.

Playing catch or throwing each day is far different than pitcing every day.

If he pitched once each week, say 65 pitches then he could probably throw one or two practice bullpens, spaced 48 hours apart.

Take it slow. He’ll appreciate when he is in H.S.!

Good advice re: ASMI … and definitely avoid PITCHING for 2 teams.