What type of player am I

Pitching: 69mph fastball(age 12)
flat changeup(about60mph)
no curve
no slider
good mechanics
average control
set strikeout records
Hitting: high average
decent power
average strikeouts
gap-hitter with speed
fielding:good speed in cf
crappy infielder
good catcher that calls a good game

What do you mean by “what type of player am I”? I’m not quite sure I understand.

Would you consider me a power pitcher? something like that.

You seem like an intimidating 12 year old.

near 70 at 12 is a power pitcher. don’t throw anything but a fastball until they show you they can catch up. this will get you to the elite levels. average 12’s can’t catch up

it sounds like youre a pretty good player and you could probably be a good player just about anywhere, I would just focus on getting better and right now just keep the game fun, you’ve got about 4 or 5 years where you can really have fun, not that you wont have fun in 4 years when you play HS but enjoy your youth baseball it will go by fast