What type of pitch is this?

It’s a fastball speed pitch but it has a distinct straight downward movement right at the end. You grip it as you would a two seam fastball but you turn it so the the narrow laces are running opposite your fingers almost making a square. no snapping motion is required for your wrist to provoke the movement. If it helps I am more of a 3/4 pitcher.

Sounds like you’re throwing a sinker ball. Are your fingers together on the ball or slightly apart?

[quote=“Turn 22”]Sounds like you’re throwing a sinker ball. Are your fingers together on the ball or slightly apart?[/quote].
Slightly apart, how you would hold a fastball

Sounds like a sinker. When I hold the top of the horseshoe at its narrow point mine does the same. Great pitch to have. Does it matter which side of the plate you throw it to? Mine has much more sink on my glove side than my arm side.

It was the first pitch I ever knew how to throw because I was never actually taught the traditional four and two seam fastballs I was just expected to know them, and I just developed this different grip as my speed pitch not knowing it was totally different then what I thought it really was.

And in reply to spghbaseballdad. It doesn’t matter what side I throw it to it curves pretty much the same everywhere because I have always been using as my number 1 go to pitch for so long, but I do find it catches batters the most when it is thrown at the knees or bottom level of the strike zone

If anyone can link a website referencing this grip it would be appreciated, because I could not find I single website mentioning it

That’s because there is no specific grip for the pitch. It’s a sinker, and from the sound of things you have a good one. I wish you lots of ground-ball outs with it. :baseballpitcher: