What type of change up for 10YO lefty

Hello all,

I have been reading the boards here and find the insight very informative. My son is a 10 YO lefty who has natural movement on his fast ball, hits his spots and has been deadly as our closer this season. I havent wanted to mess with him since he was doing so well, but I feel that it is time to add a change up (from what I have read here.) He is a shorter, stockier kid with short stubbier fingers. What type of change up would work best for him? Thanks again and wish us luch, game in a couple hours.


My son is also a 10 year old lefty.He likes throwing the palm ball.It seems to fit the best in his hands.When he started learning a change up he threw the 3 finger change.The best way to learn it is when you guys are playing catch together.Another idea for you that my son throws is a variation of a slider.Grip the ball just like a 2 seamer but slide his fingers to the outside edge.No snappping if the wrist.Being a lefty the ball tails of pretty well.It took a little while to get down but it has become an effective pitch for him.Good luck

Use a football changeup. If you would like, I can videotape this without getting into a complicated description. My son is also a lefty, has hundreds of strikeouts (350+) in the past 3 years, and uses this safe and effective pitch. It has more movement than any curveball or circle change out there and drives the hitters crazy.

My son throws the football change better than he does any other CU.He can control the speed by simply increasing the distance between his thumb to his other fingers.Increasing the distance slows the ball down and decreasing it speed it up as well as causes it to sink more.

Not sure how hard this pitch is on a young arm though.

With a smaller hands I think that maybe a straight change with a star grip, gives 2 seam movement with slower speed. I don’t particularly like the football change (slip pitch) at this age because it can put stress on the elbow since the arm action is a little different than a fastball.

sounds like your kid would be perfect for a palmball, or a circle change. a palmball is great if your son has fingers like that

The arm action on a football changeup, at least the way my 11 year-old son throws it, ie exactly like that of a fastball. He holds his hand in a “V” and throws the pitch with the same action and speed as his fastball, with a loose grip. If you would like, I can send a video of this. He has thrown this pitch for over 3 years and has never had any injuries or discomfort as a result of using this pitch. Also, this pitch has so much movement that practically no batter can hit it if it is properly placed. He will probably never learn a curveball because he has this pitch, and it curves and changes speed at the same time. There is 15 mph difference between this pitch and his fastball.

Thank you for all the responses. We have taken some time off this summer, time to start working on the next pitch for this coming season!