What to think when you are pitching

I was curious what other people think when you pitch. I just don’t think of anything. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Here’s where we get into strategic pitching.
The thing is not to worry about what people will think—unless it’s the guy up there at the plate, and what he’s thinking about is what you’re going to throw to him. And here’s what you need to know—what he’s doing up there at the plate, how he’s positioning himself, whether he’s choking up on the bat or gripping it down near the knob. You need to plan how you’re going to pitch to him—and how you’ll get him out.
Also, you need to know how to position your infielders. For example: there’s one out and runners on first and second. You might want to have your infield at double-play depth, and concentrate on getting that batter to hit one in the direction of the second baseman, and boom boom, double play, and you’re out of the inning. That’s just a sample. My pitching coach told me this and other things, many moons ago, when one day he was working with me and a bunch of infielders on fielding practice—absolutely essential. :slight_smile: :wink:

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IDK, I guess everyone is different. I also let all my stress and frustration out when I’m pitching. I make sure that it’s not the kind that will affect me negatively, but instead I try and find motivation, Sometimes your velocity depends on your mental state. Rear back and rip.

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I usually only think of things like what and where the next pitch be should or where I missed with my pitch or what the kid did his last at bat with whatever pitch and what type of hitter he is and how he bats. I usually don’t think that much on the mound but maybe I should start thinking a bit more.

im analizing the batters stancebat legnthh coach signs men on base ect.

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