What to start working on first and drills to get better

The pretty boy in the videos is my 12 y/o son. He’s got a shoulder injury. He threw 5 pitches here to get our team out of a jam. We’d played 4 games in 5 days and everyone who wanted to pitch was ineligable. The kid he relieved just walked a run in, was 3-0 on the hitter, and having an emotional breakdown. My son came in walked the 3-0 kid and got a ground ball. Didn’t want to throw him at all, but here he’s throwing maybe 50% of what he’s capable of.

He’s not real proud of these videos - calls them “soul crushing.” I told him they’re not terrible. Heck, I’ve seen healthy kids his age who didn’t look as good - not to sweat it - and eventually it’ll come back.

The big differences that I see is how compressed / shortened up everything is. I know that’s a reaction to protect his arm. What I thought he was really great at for any age and especially for his age was his stride length and getting his chest out over his bent stride knee. Had great seperation. Obviously that’s not there in these videos. Not worried about the velocity. That’ll come back.

When he’s healthy again, anyone have some good drills that he can do to isolate / focus on some of the problems he’s developed? Could be that once he feels better a lot of it will come back naturally. I don’t see that though, at least not to where he was - this is hugely different and a long way to get back.

No doubt your son is trying to protect against his injury, but my advice would be that if he is still injured to keep him out until he is healthy. Granted that might be the rest of the season, but there is no reason to risk his health when he is 12 years old.
When he does regain his health, it might take a while but his previous mechanics should come back. Take some video when he is coming back and then we can go from there.
Also it would be nice to see video from when he wasn’t injured, it would help.

Don’t have any previous video only photos. Will definetly use caution upon his return to pitching. Hoping to find some drills that isolate lower body movement to get him started right now even before the arm’s out of the sling. He’s been simulating pitching all the time without using his arm. He’ll stop in certain positions, hold them, go from one to another over and over. I think he’s on to something, but there’s got to be links to stuff people have already found to be effective. That’s what we’re looking for.