What to look for

I received my new team yesterday and we have tryouts then the draft soon for our rec 9 and 10 year olds. Only 2 kids are coming back from the year before, so I will have 10 to draft. This will be my 1st draft. Having 10 picks I will get a lot of the kids who are lower in the draft. All the experience on here I thought there may be some ideas on what are the best qualities to look for as far as potential with not only pitching, but all around ball playing.

At that age, drafting good families is more important that drafting good players. Seriously. Good families put baseball above birthday parties and vacations. Good families get their players to practices and games on time, and give you sufficient notice when they can’t make it. Good familes don’t whine about your practice schedule, or say they can’t make it due to kazoo band rehearsals, etc. Good families make sure your pitchers throw on off days. Good families get extra batting cage time or hitting instruction for your batters. Good families support the team, don’t coach from the stands, and step up when you need an umpire, or a base coach, or when somebody needs a ride to the park. Good families get your players to bed early the night before an 8AM game. Good families aren’t constantly calling and emailing you to say that their player should bat 4th, not 12th, and play SS, not RF. Good families make coaching a pleasure, even if you don’t win a single game. Bad families - well let’s just hope you don’t draft any of those.