What to look for on a pitcher from Second Base?

My question is about how to take a lead at second base and what to watch for on the pitcher…

The scenario is… The runner is on second, He takes his lead Two steps out and one back…Now what is he looking for from the pitcher, to signal that he is throwing back to second base?

  1. back heel to turn?
  2. back leg?
  3. The arm break? When the pitcher is in the set position when he breaks his arm he has to step off or go to the plate.

Which is the right way and why???

I’m going to answer that question by asking a couple myself.
How did the runner get to second base in the first place? Was it via a double, or a single and an error—or a walk to the following batter who is now on first base? Is the guy on second a “bump on a log”—a runner who really isn’t going anywhere—or is he a definite threst to steal and is thinking about trying to steal third? How many outs are there? And most important—is the pitcher just going through the motions, or does he have a good pickoff move a la Andy Pettitte? If this last is true, that runner had better stay put. I remember how a runner would be standing on the base, tapping the bag with his foot, and Andy would get him between taps…and he would do this with a runner on any base.
And it doesn’t matter whether the pitcher is righthanded, lefthanded or a two-headed green Martian. If he’s gonna get you, he’s gonna get you. I would say that the runner’s best bet in that case is to stay where he is and hope for a wild pitch.

Sorry, I meant what to look at on the pitcher when he’s trying to pick you off or going home.

That’s one thing a good pitcher will never tip you off as to what he’s going to do.
I used to relieve between starts from time to time, and I would often come into the game in the middle of an inning when there were a couple of runners on base. My incredible pitching coach—an active major league pitcher—worked with me on holding runners on, pickoff moves and the like, and he emphasized not telegraphing what my next move would be. 8)

Okay, but my question was what should a base runner look at? Heel? Back leg? Elbows?

Look for the back foot ( heal ) if it comes up hes stepping off or picking. at 1st base looking for back foot (heal) and back knee.

A runner on 2B has to look at multiple things. If the pitcher’s back fook foot lifts first, he’s stepping off and could throw over. Or, if there is also a runner on 1B, he could be jump-spinning to throw over to 1B. If the pitcher’s front foot lifts first, he could go all the way into full knee lift and still turn to throw over.

Yeah forgot about the spin move to second watch out for that can be kind of tricky to pick up . or a back pick from the catcher.

Rickey Henderson said this…

“When I’m at second base, I’m looking at any kind of move…I look at [the pitcher’s] elbow because he’s got to turn his elbow before coming back to second base…That’s a little secret.”