What to look for in young pitchers age 8-10?


My friend is coaching a rep baseball team age 8-10 years old and I was wondering if you could help him out. He doesn’t have a computer so he can’t email questions so I doing it for him. I will pass on all information to him. He would like to know what should he be looking for in the kids for pitching? Like what are the 5 phases he should work on? He says he has looked at 9 different pitchers and it varies from always high, or no control or bad mechanics and just totally wild. All information would be great. He will take any drills as well.

Thank You

First and foremost is the ability to throw strikes with a batter in the box. It means nothing if he can throw strikes when it’s just him and a catcher.

Second is the ability to keep the ball down (e.g. at the knees).