What to look for in pitching mechanics

Every Coach I see talking or showing pitchers, they always use the same material.

The material they use are:

  • Front knee has to come up to the waist for balance
  • Hand has to extension back to 2B/CF
  • Power Triangle
  • Arm Up
  • Front knee bent so chest comes over it
  • Pitcher has to snap down
  • Pitcher has to follow through.

What else should pitching coaches be showing or telling their pitchers.

What should they be look for?

Some of that sounds very “cookie cutter”. And some of that sounds like conventional wisdom.

If you want a very good look into mechanics, pick up Tom House’s book, The Art and Science of Pitching. Amazon.com has it for $13.57 right now. This book will introduce you to some ideas that you’ve probably not heard before.

Or you can get the mechanics DVD here

The most important part of pitching mechanics?

Proper Timing.

Also if your learning a new pitch and feel pain STOP and have someone who knows what they are doing walk through the motion with you