What to look for in a 12 year old

This summer I’m going to be helping my friends dad out with his team which consists of players aged 11 and 12. Since I’ve been a pitcher all my life, he’s gonna let me work mostly with the pitchers. So my question for you guys is: What should be my prime concern when looking at a 12 year old pitcher? Staying closed? Leading with the hip? I really don’t want to get over technical with these young kids as I’ll probably overwelm them. Thanks for all the help.


Look at everything but for each kid identify what you think is the most significant issue and have them work on only one thing at a time. Give them a chance to make the adjustment before moving on to something else.

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Strike one?

From a general standpoint:

  • Focus (during & between pitches)
  • Control (importance of throwing strikes and staying ahead)
  • Basic pitch sequence (ie: when to use off-speed, 0-2 “waste” pitch, etc…)

From a physical standpoint:

  • Insure proper grip of the ball (not over-gripping, 2-seam, 4-seam, change up)
  • Upper body mechanics: rear extension, elbow height, follow-through
  • Lower body mechanics: length of stride, location/angle of front leg

As previously mentioned, one thing at a time so as to not overwhelm and to insure the adjustment has been made.