What to eat

Whatsu p guys… i jsut got home from doin a back and chest workout… and like the only protein i got that i dont have to cook is like sausage with peppers… you think thats a good source of protein… i got some like whey protein too that i can make… is that a good combo… im tryin 2 gain weight and for breakfast i havel ike cereal and some toast… then at around 10 i have a pb sandwich… then lunch i eat w/e they have at school… which is pretty healthy cuz we’re cuttin down on the bad ish… and i normally give my fries to some1 else… then i eat dinner normally like steak or suttin with lots of protein… and before bed i have a yogurt cuz i saw on here that its good for ur body b4 u go 2 bed b/c it takes a while to process … hows that sound

Sounds good. If your trying to eat healthier one of the easiest things I can tell you to do is work on simple yet effective things, like wholewheat bread and low fat milk. Try to cut as much sweets, fats and oils out as you can and eat a good breakfast.

Get those things down and your doing pretty good.