What to do?????????????????

Hey all, been a while since I’ve been on here.

Help me out and give me some ideas all are welcome :). Not sure what to do this spring in way of coaching. My boy will be 13 (first year of pony) and I have been coaching the last few years in a town next to us with the teams he has been playing on. We live right between this town and the town he goes to school at. We have had a ball in the neighboring town, him playing and me coaching. I have also free lanced some working with young pitchers through out the area and some quite a ways from here.

My question is now that he is going into pony should I just work with the team he will hopefully be playing hs ball with in a few years. Stick with the neighboring town we have had a lot fun with, or just let him play on our local team and I stick to just freelancing and working with kids at my leisure?

To add to the mix a retired pro pitcher has been wanting me to work with kids in the bigger city area on a program he is starting.

My boy won’t say what he wants or even prefers or else my decision would be obviously easier. Part of me wants to move up with working with older kids again as my son grows older. But honestly, my personal favorite thing in coaching younger pitchers is working with the so called second tier of 10-12 y/o’s and helping them mature to become good ballplayers.

Anyways, I have bored you all enough but I am sure some of you Coaches/Dads have been through this before and I would love to hear what decisions you made and how it turned out, the good and the bad. Oh by the way just being a parent and watching the games my boy plays in from the stands would be a nice option also, it just seems when I have tried that before the team ends up needing some help and I can’t resist so I’m right back in the coaching mix lol.

Hope to hear from you…dman

Wow! You certainly have a whole smorgasbord of choices in front of you, and I get the impression that you’re somewhat overwhelmed by them. But right now the only thing you can do is step back, take a deep breath, and wait. The key here is your kid, who hasn’t yet decided what he wants to do and who’s keeping quiet about it, and until he breaks his silence and tells you what he wants you really can’t do anything. So don’t push it—don’t rush things—eventually he will speak up and tell you. 8)