what to do?

Hey guys. I got a very random and different question. As a senior in high school I topped out at 92 and sat consistently at 89-91. Its been almost two years since then and I’ve watched my velocity decline. At a tryout for a frontier league team I topped at 87. Now granted I’m no where near the shape I was in as a senior. But the thing I noticed is that my elbow gets sore and feels better if I pop it/crack the elbow. It started senior year because I purposely didn’t pronate to compensate for a flaw in my mechanics to achieve accuracy. The year after that I changed it and the elbow felt better not feeling any pain for awhile and hit 91 that year. But now its starting to get rough. Some days I can pitch for hours if I wanted (that’s how I used to always be) but other days I longtoss to only 200 feet and the arm says time to quit. I don’t know if this is due to the elbow giving out or if its because I’m not in shape. But the thing that I always got in shape was my legs and core. The only thing I really did with the arm was band workouts and the pitchers ten and longtossing almost everyday. The thing I fear is a doctor telling me I need Tommy john. But the question I got is that when I was little I could throw right or left, but originally threw lefty. I switched to right because I could throw a little harder but had no accuracy. Lefty I couldn’t throw as hard but could put the ball in a teacup if needed. So what would you do if you was me? I’m almost 20 and can either work out more and take a chance hoping its just being out of shape and continue as a righty? Or take another chance and switch back to lefty and try to get the speed up? ( I can’t throw as far as i used to lefty but still pinpoint with it)

Well first, find out about if you need to have surgery or not, don’t be a wuss about it, if it’s true and it is an injury then I might change, honestly the issue won’t go away and you will continue to have issues with the right arm.

If you don’t need surgery then, maybe it’s just conditioning or I have noticed many don’t really get warmed up properly anymore, 3-5 minutes just doesn’t do it! Older you get the longer it will take…

There are two people you should see. First is a sports-medicine specialist or, even better, an orthopedic surgeon. Get a good workup and see what the score really is. I know it’s terrifying to think that you might need TJ surgery, but if the doctor says you need it, have it and take the necessary time to rehab and get back into shape. Second,—especially if the doctor says you don’t need the surgery— find a really good pitching coach, preferably one with professional experience—perhaps a major league or high-minors (Triple A) pitcher—and work with him intensively to get the arm back to where it was. And by the way, I would advise you to switch back to throwing lefthanded—maybe you won’t have the high-cheese velocity, but you’ll have much better control and command of your pitches. And really take a good long look at your mechanics and see what needs to be done to correct any problems that may have arisen in the intervening years.
I wish you the best. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

Well seeing a sports doctor is one thing ill go do. But zita wouldn’t going lefty take too long and ruin any chances for going professional?

Not necessarily. The pitcher in question was originally a lefthander, and if he decides to go back to throwing lefthanded it shouldn’t take too long. And who said that southpaws don’t have a chance of making it in pro ball? Indeed they do. Maybe some of them don’t have the velocity everyone seems to be looking for, but they compensate very well with good breaking pitches and offspeed stuff, good control and command, and lots of savvy, and they do all right for themselves. So if the doctor tells him that he doesn’t need the TJ surgery, he should take the next step and find a really good pitching coach who will take the time to work with him and help him get back to his old form and then some. 8)