What to do?

This isn’t really a pitching question, but I figured I’d get some feedback here.

I am finishing up my high school season this week and beginning the summer. I am planning to play on my legion team, but I am now aware that numerous college kids are going to be playing down this year. I AM young enough to play in the age group underneath. I am going to be a senior next year and I want to play college baseball, so here is my question. Would I be better off playing up and taking my chances of starting, or should I play down?

Thanks Guys

P.S. Wish my team luck as we are still in contention for the state tournament!

I know if it were me I would try to play on both teams.

Some people are going to say “you should play with the college kids if you want to get used to that competition”

But i disagree.

30 IP against not great hitting you will get more stuff worked on than 5 IP against college players.

I say go where you’re going to get the most IP

ish, this is indeed a pitching question, and I’ll see if I can give you some answers. The first thing I need to know is what sort of repertoire you have—how many pitches you throw and how much success you’re having with them. A pitcher who has just a couple of pitches—fast ball, curve, changeup for example—could go either way, and a lot depends on how well he’s using them, which one pitch is in his estimation better than the others. If you think you’d be more comfortable “playing down”, do that, but if you are looking for more of a challenge you might try to pitch in a higher league. However—if you have a considerable arsenal…
I remember that when I was fourteen I hooked up with a very good team which might have been called semipro if the players had gotten paid! I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of, but I did have a curve ball, a knuckle-curve, and a couple of different changeups, and I could change speeds, and I did all right with what I had. Then, at age 16, I learned the slider, and it became my strikeout pitch, and I ended up with a very good assortment of pitches—eight or nine of them, to be exact. My best pitches were that knuckle-curve and old Filthy McNasty—the slider which I had nicknamed for a character in an ole W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what it was. It was my strikeout pitch, with a sharp late break, and being a natural sidearmer I used the crossfire extensively.
So, if you think you might want more of a challenge and you have a few pitches to mess around with, go ahead, move to the higher league. You might become a better pitcher for all that. Just remember: move the ball around, high, low, inside, outside, and change speeds—and throw strikes. As Satchel Paige once said, “Home plate don’t move.” 8) :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your comments. My thought is this… what is worse… playing up with less IP or playing down… I say playing down because I worry it will hinder my chances of getting intrest from colleges

Colleges won’t recruit guys with only a handful of innings pitched.

Realistically do you think you will get 20+ IP on this team?

Colleges put $$ into guys who they think will impact their team so if you’re not an impact guy for the HS then they will most likely pass up.

Play down for all the reasons that Undersized mentions.

Let’s not forget too, it’s more fun to actually PLAY.


Aren’t there any “club” or travel teams around? Here in St Louis we have a few teams that are “above” Legion caliber…You need to build confidence while at the same time seeing how close you are to the big boys…I say play both. Good luck.