What to do with bad mounds

What are the tricks and tips for bad mounds? The mounds we are suddenly seeing are shot, narrow and steep. The one yesterday had a big ditch where the landing foot normally strides right into.
The steepness is what it is, but any advice on the hole where the front foot lands? My son tried stepping short, which certainly didn’t work. Tried stepping into it, which was unpredictable.
What’s the advice here?

Maybe have him try to pitch from the other side of the rubber.

I’m a righty who pitches from the third base side of the rubber, and almost nobody pitched from there - in high school I could find my cleat mark from engaging the rubber from my last game.

Unless you’re really unlucky, there should be a spot where he can engage the rubber that has not been used as much.

If h

I cringe every time I see some kid on the mound just digging, digging, digging. Just like the kid that goes around burning rubber in his car at every stop light (you know that kid doesn’t buy his own tires), the digger has never had to maintain a pitching mound. Now, the landing area is totally different. That’s just plain laziness (or incompetence) of a grounds crew. That should be at a minimum, filled and raked after every game, but at most parks you will never see that happen - just like you don’t see them re-line the batters box or foul lines. If there is no grounds crew between games, then it’s up to the coaches to make sure there is a safe playing field available for their kids. It doesn’t take much time to take a cup or two of water out to the mound, kick the dirt back into the holes, water it and compress it as best they can. Of course, I’ve seen some fields that haven’t been worked in weeks, those are the places you just don’t go back to.