What to do when

You have no catcher to throw to?

I havent pitched in awhile because I have had a lot going on, but I am going to start it up hopefully this week.

The only problem is I have no catcher and all my friends are too lazy to catch for me once or twice a week.

Is getting one of those pitching nets basically the same thing as throwing to a catcher? I like to hear the pop of the glove and see how my pitches are moving and I think it may be hard to tell those things with just a net.

It’s better then nothing right?

Of course, nothing beats having a catcher to throw to, but if your friends are too lazy to even pull on a catcher’s mitt, a net, or better yet, one of those pitchers’ target screens, will serve the purpose. They even have those screens with figures of batters on them so you can really work on your strike zone. Good luck. 8)

is a pitching target that supposedly lets you hear the “pop” because it’s made out of glove leather. Plus, the 6"x6" squares created by the stitching provide many small targets to aim for.

I bought one of these for times when I’m giving a lesson and don’t have a catcher. These are not cheap, however, they appear to be well made.