What to do when nothing is working

My son who is 13 has run into a stretch here where he is having a hard time throwing strikes. He does not seem to be missing in any once certain spot but just all over, last night was low.

Now he has pitched a couple of games this year where he pitched great and both of these games he threw off a mound, when he has thrown off flat ground is when he has struggled.

I know without a video it is impossible to say what he is doing wrong but I was just wondering where to start. His head seems to be tracking to the target, glove side could use some work still but has not really changed to make him be so inconsistent.

At times it looks like his release point has moved back and not out over or past his front foot like it has been in the past.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Munster…he’s in puberty, things are changing, he’s physically got to adjust. Good that off a mound he has some consistency, flat ground is soon to be left behind and forgotten. Keep working fundementals, start the process of understanding proper conditioning. Don’t panic it’s a period of adjustment, his desire and your patience will win the day through.

You know you are right, he is changing. It is tough to see him frustrated, he had a lot of expectations this spring and he wants to live up to him. On a good note he is hitting the ball great so far this spring.

My thought on the mound is he must be getting more momentum going down the mound allowing for a better release point. Just a thought.

It could be that or any number of things including proper fundementals. Explain it to him and work on stuff that promotes full body coordination. It sounds like his hand/eye is fine wit all dat hittin goin on there. :wink:

Sometimes, when all else fails, tell him to get his butt moving down the hill faster. Seriously, this often helps with timing.

I took my son to see a pitching coach last weekend.

He found a few things that he thought he was throwing him off.

First he has too much weigh going into the rubber causing his posture to change and his stride to land off of a center line to home. When he would lift his leg he was drifting in or towards 1B, he is a LH.

The other thing he saw was his hand break was not consistent from pitch to pitch. One pitch he would break his hands with his palm facing the sky the next pitch the top or back of his hand would be facing the sky.

We threw again last night and he seems to be coming around, his bad pitches were not as bad. We will see, he is a very frustrated young man.

Ditto! I literally had whole seasons (even through college) where nothing worked. The key is to keep working hard, because on the other side things start coming together and you’ll reap the benefits of all the hard work you put in when things weren’t going so well. It takes 7-10 years to start to get good at anything – practicing baseball, practicing piano, learning a language (fluently), becoming a doctor, etc. There’ll be lots of ups and downs, but more ups the more you keep at it!