What to do when elbow hurts?

hey im 14 in high school
our games are every wednesdays and fridays.
mostly i pitch ever wednesday. and it irritates me that im all sore after a wednesdays day of pitching.
and next thing you know i have to play 3rd base and throw across the diamond with sore elbow and sholder.
i dont know what to doevery time i throw hard across my elbow start to hurt BAD. and with all that pain i can hardly throw as hard.
all my teamates tell me GET THE BALL UP…THROW IT HARDER…
but i dont want to tell the coaches and my teamates that my arm hurts because then they’re goin to think im scared of the opponent or that im jus bragging…
i really need help

You need to be honest with your coaches. Hiding the pain won’t do any good. You could end up sacrificing your future. Pay the price now to get better and save your future. Get checked out by a doctor.

yeah no one should make fun of you for your arm hurting. everybody gets arm problems. Better to rest it now than having some major damage that ruins your career.