What to do the day after you pitch?

What should i do the day after i pitch a game?

well this is my schedule after I pitch(from the day I pitch to 2 days afterwards):
Day of:
After I pitch and my coach takes me out, or the game finishes, I immediately put some ice on it. Then once I get home I take a warm shower then take a full body ice bath(does wonders for me).

Day After:
Rest my arm as much as I can. Do some throwing but I don’t throw hard I just sort of lob it to my partner to stretch my arm out. Then afterwards in my free time I’ll stretch out my entire body. And ice my arm.

2 Days After:
Basically the same as the day before but no ice(unless needed) and throw from a little farther back.

How much ice do you need for an ice bath?

R U N!!! running long distances after you pitch helps to remove the lactic acid that gets built up (its what makes muscles sore).