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My son is a 10 year old lefty.He was the #2 pitcher on his little league team this year.He had a great year all around.I’m worried that he needs a break from pitching because of his age.He does’nt complain of soreness or anything but I could tell his velocity dropped off a bit his last couple of starts.He has amazing control(1BB the whole season 30 innings)He throws a change up also but not a whole lot.He lives and breathes b aseball and has been invited to play on a couple tournament teams througout the summer.He played AAU also but did not pitch much.He was allowed to pitch once a week.He 's not interested in playing other sports at all.Should just let him play and limit his pitching.He’s very good for his age and my biggest fear is to burn out his arm.


Below is a link to a terrific article, “Prevention of Arm Injury in Youth Baseball Pitchers”, that was published in the Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society. The authors are all medical doctors. One is Dr. James R. Andrews; yes, the Dr. Andrews who operated on Brett Favre.

The article contains important data on the risk of injury associated with year round pitching, such as:

[quote]Compared to controls, the group that required reconstructive surgery had pitched more months/year, games/year, innings/game, pitches/game, and pitches/year … Multivariate analysis identified the most significant risk factors for high school and college pitcher injury and need for surgery as: an increased risk of 500% for pitching greater than 8 months per year.

The USA Baseball Medical & Safety Advisory Committee (part of the United States Olympic Committee) … made the following general recommendations for youth pitchers:

  1. For at least three months a year, a pitcher should
    not play any baseball or perform throwing drills. In
    addition, any overhead activity (football quarterback,
    competitive swimming, javelin throwing) should be
    avoided during that period of time
    Here is the link to the article:


My friend, who is himself an orthopedic surgeon, has advised me to “follow this article to the T”.

Great link littlelefty. Thanks for sharing.


Here is another link:

I read this last year when my son was 9 and am following it. He stopped pitching in October and picked it up again in March. The Little League season is complete and tournament season is just starting. His fastball, which is between 62 and 65, moves more as is faster than the start of the season. He also just started band exercises to keep his shoulder and back strengthened. I recommend following this study.