What to do in the offseason?

As a pro pitcher, what would one do in the offseason? Obviously at the lower levels like A ball, you don’t even make enough money to live so you have to hold a job for half the year but when you make oodles of money, what do you do?

I’d be an assistant basketball coach or something.

Gilbert Arenas logs tons of time on XBOX live.

And log tons of XBL time.[/quote]

Yeah my schedule would be

Wake up, eat, work out, lunch, coach, dinner, XBL, repeat


Why the peace corp type route?

[quote=“RHP…”]I don’t know…it has always interested me to do something that will help others.

After baseball is all said and done I would like to join the Peace Corps. and serve for a couple of years.

One of the movies that further re-inforced my want to help others is Hotel Rwanda. The manager thought that the reporters video would convince people to help them out but the reporter said “People in the US will see it and say, ‘God, that is awful’, and then they will go back to their dinners.”

I don’t want to be those people.[/quote]

That is true but there is a lot of typing here that I dont wanna type right now lol

Id help coach at the local high school.