What to do if you don't have a throwing partner to throw with?


This was recently asked on this forum but I also got an email from a pitcher wondering the same thing:

How can a pitcher work on throwing without a throwing partner?

The more I consider the question, the more I think you really can’t. The feedback you get from throwing with a partner is really important and something most of us probably take for granted. And you just don’t get that feedback by throwing balls into a net or against a wall or throwing across the outfield to no one but the warning track fence, etc. Isn’t this one of the biggest problems with baseball anyways? Unlike basketball, for instance, where you can shoot hoops all day long by yourself, with pitching it’s really a partner sport.

What do you think?


It is different because there are so many natural movements with throwing with a person, instead of a net. Also accuracy feedback is important. You wanna hit your partner in the chest so they don’t have to run and chase the ball. With a net you just kinda aim for a big square or anywhere on a fence. I like practicing catching a ball back and talking about how your ball spins throwing is nice to have.


what about if you use a really small target to throw at and try to hit that target? you think that can be effective? but i know what you mean-throwing with a human is better


I’ve always felt throwing a baseball to an inanimate object is the quickest way to hate playing baseball. There is something magical about a game of catch. The sport is meant to be played with others.


Haha. So true.

Yes, this totally can be effective. I’ve even done it at various times during my career when I didn’t have someone to throw with. On the whole, however, not having a throwing partner is just really, really tough.


I do, however, like using this when I’m alone.

I can reverse the net to work against a RH or LH “hitter” and practice my hands-high fastballs, etc. I get myself a bucket of balls or my hot glove baseball caddy and fire away.


Absolutely, you get better feedback from throwing to a partner. You have better visuals to work with on another person. Plus, it is more realistic. However, when you want to be the BEST, you don’t sit around and wait for someone to show up and catch you. I created myself into a professional pitcher by taking the initiative to get my throwing work in with nets and walls. Draw a target on a wall and pepper it. You can still get plenty of feedback whether you hit your location or not