What to do after you pitch?

Explain to me what to do after you pitch (ie. running, icing, streaching)

Before pitchings: dynamic warm-up.

After pitching: Light cardio (jogging, exercise bike, etc.) is mandatory. Stretching while still warm is good. Ice is optional.

I tend not to ice my arm down or really do much of anything after I pitch besides stretching.

I ice 20-25 min., run a mile, eat a banana, take advil and then relax. I’m never sore the next day.

I do a warm down jog / bike after always, even if its only a 30 pitch session. I stretch after pitching. I will ice for 20 mins after warmdown’s if i’ve thrown over 90 pitches. I’m getting old lol. The next day I always always ice for an hour of twenty mins on 20 mins off. Then i take a hot shower / bath after. I really don’t need the ice unless i throw a lot of pitches. I just think that taking care of my arm now will allow me to pitch for a long time.