What to consume?

What is the best thing to eat or drink after throwing or pitching? Any supplements?

steve told me a 4:1 protein to fat ratio

what does that mean? lol

I believe he said a Peanut butter & Jelly sandwhich :lol:

If you’re not into taking supplements (and really, I don’t think high school pitchers should be taking supplements) then a PB&J sandwich and a glass of skim milk with a little sugar is a pretty good postworkout meal. The 4:1 ratio is a carbohydrate-to-protein ratio. Aim for four carb calories for every protein calorie.

If you’re college age and taking supplements, here’s my post-workout drink:

2 scoops of chocolate AdvoCare POS2 protein mix (or any protein shake, such as EAS or Muscle Milk)
10 grams glutamine (an amino acid)
2 grams creatine
24 ounces water
8 ounces skim milk

There are any number of variations to this, of course. I was sponsored by AdvoCare and CytoSport (the makers of Muscle Milk), which is why I used these brands as a pro.

In college, I used Champion Nutrition because it was cheaper.

You could always drink chocolate milk! :slight_smile: I believe I read a study on that, and I shall now look for it.

This is what I used to drink after games:
12-14 oz of Xfactor Gatorade
1/2 cup oats
1.5 scoops gf pro cherry wpi

I also used to sip on bcaas as I played, but then again, during that time, I was also supplementing with USP labs Cissus Rx for recovery/tendon repair.

To tell you the truth, I’ve never had a peanut butter & Jelly sandwitch before, yes, dare I say never!!! lol

But then again, I think I have a slight allergy to peanut butter-could be the monosaturated fats from it which raises my test even more, but ehh, I’m not even sure any more.

Also, when steve says 4:1 ratio, think of 40 grams of carbs: 10 grams of protein

Edit: Well, here’s one thing I found on chocolate milk so far:

Chocolate milk

At least I got part of the meal right :lol: