What Should Youth Throwers Look Like

This was pulled from a discussion in a different forum.

I see this a lot with kids who have had more instruction than the regular Little Leaguers who just play during the regular LL season. It is something I am also curious about.

Is this just what kids look like with adult level mechanical instruction? Are there musculatures just undeveloped and this is how is presents?

To me this looks like the mechanical arm of an older pitching machine. I have coaching responsibilities for very young throwers and see the stronger/better athletes do not look like that at this point.

Not sure exactly what you are trying to convey. Does he catapult the ball or something like that?

It does sound like he’s catapulting the ball.
Video would help.

Glad to see you back!

Sort of. At the child’s full speed, it appears like the throwing arm is straight coming around with the throwing hand always ahead of the elbow(?)

“Full speed” looks slower than the ones who arent getting/trying to incorporate the step-by-step throwing instruction.

It is something I see that doesn’t look “natural” at game’s pace and generally results in weaker throws relative to other players on the field.

Just curious if I am perceiving it correctly, if others have seen the same, and whether it is something to step in and try to fix given the child is demonstrating techniques already coached into him.

The risk of overcoaching a player is a real concern of mine at very young ages. So if it is something that just goes away, then I can sort of let it lie and let phycial maturation take care of it.

Sounds like you are describing something that kids do when they lack strength. Put up a video if you can.