What should i learn next?Slider,curve,A diff fastball?


So ive been close to having a good solid 4 seam fastball on target with a good speed.So i think im ok to add another pitch to my arsenal.So ive tried a couple of sliders some where good some where way off,ive tried some 12-6 curveballs not that bad liked it.But what about another fastball that might change direction abit like a cutter or a sinker.I dont like the idea of the change up since it is a fastball just slower .What do you say?(im preparing for my first game as a pitcher).


Change up…sounds like you need to educate yourself some…


How old are you?


A good change-up is an awesome pitch. But a good change-up takes lots of practice so the sooner you start practicing, the better


23 playing some months now training 3-4 times a week


Can you explain me why?


Change up is the way to change the batters perception of speed. It will make the fastball look faster.
If you can effectively changes speeds and change eye levels, you can live on that alone.
Curves and sliders are great to add after you master the fastball and changeup.


Don’t worry about it. This forum is the appropriate place to ask questions and seek advice. I concur on learning the change up but definitely more difficult to learn than a breaking pitch. What level are you aspiring to play?


Not professional just casual in my hometown.I live in europe so no big leagues here.


Based on playing casually might want to work on a breaking pitch. The learning curve won’t be a steep & should give you an effective 2nd pitch.


so what do u suggest? a cutter or a 12-6 curve? or a slider?


Depends on your arm slot. Are you “over the top”, low or high 3/4 or sidearm?


I’ve just started working on a new change-up, a split finger fastball. I used to use a circle change, but my pitching coach thought with my arm slot that a split finger could be very effective. If you want to see a filthy split finger, check out Shohei Otani:


i think high 3/4


Split finger fastball is like a sinker fastball? or use it instead of the change up?


The split finger has fast ball rotation but dies at the plate, and I would use it as a change-up. I’d still use the circle change as well. Mine tails in and down to a right handed batter, or down and away from a lefty. A change-up to me means anything that offers a change of pace - something that looks like it’s coming in faster than it is - to keep a batter off balance.


With a high 3/4 or over the top your best option is probabaly to start with a curve ball.